Monday, June 29, 2009


there is always be second, third or fourth chances in life. but when this chances goes wrong? in some place in this world, every thing is forgiven, everything deserves to get a chance to make it better. but when does chances goes wrong? i've considered chances for others, but why does my life goes wrong. it's me bitterness, chances got me wrong. . when? is when you give chances to others and it happens that their every mistakes give them the fact that they can be helped with those chances.. drama? magulo? ganyan talaga ako.. english e! yow!ahehehe! wag iiyak! -dom

Friday, May 15, 2009

tHe bORn of the death GOd

somewhat sad, but i am going to write all the things that i want to say according to my own opinion in everyone's drama in the world, the life, life that full of masks of molds, dirtiness, unacceptance of others if the truth had to be seen, my lies. yes i am an 18 years old actor in our drama. fresh in mind, on the way of accepting the harsh truth beneath a long passage. my mind is full of cruelness somehow i can't do ofcourse. i am a kind of person or actor who idolizes death, a perfect creation of gods..why? wait for my next blog!